Monday, April 19, 2010


Ohhh Ya, haaaan..
I'm sitting here,
All Alone, Thinking
Of What All I'm Missing, That's
Making Me Feel So

You Make Me,
Complete & You Are Aware,
Of It.
So What Should,
I Do,
To Get A Hold Of You,
As You Know That,
I love You.

Have Got So Many,
Good Friends, But
None Of Them, Fill
The Need Which You Do.
O Baby, Don't You Get It,
That I Need You.

Note: Got inspiration from Mr.Lonely song by Akon.


  1. Why don't you post a audio clip for it..would be too cool to hear your words with full of songly emotions...

    P.S.-do consider the suggestion :P

  2. @ Alcina: I'm horrible at singin..! U can do it, I giv u al rite's..:-P